For Immediate Release
Posted: May 08, 2024


Ian Clark, Public Information Officer
(603) 271-4865 |

FTC issues warning about text messages pertaining to overdue toll charges

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about scammers that are targeting drivers with text messages pretending to be from the tolling agency collecting “overdue toll charges.” The scam text tells you to click a link to pay “overdue toll charges” to avoid late fees. But it’s probably not the tolling agency contacting you. It’s probably a scammer. Clicking the link can lead to a phishing attack, where the scammer tries to take your personal information (such as your driver’s license number) — and even steal your identity. And if you pay, not only are you out the money, but the scammer gets your credit card number, too.

Do not engage with these messages. You can call New Hampshire E-ZPass toll free at (877) 643-9727 whether you are an E-ZPass customer or not and ask about any outstanding tolls. 

Read the full FTC consumer alert for more information on this scam here