For Immediate Release
Posted: February 13, 2024


Ian Clark, Public Information Officer
(603) 271-4865 |

FTC issues consumer alert regarding government impersonator mail notices to business owners

You’ve heard about scammers who pose as government workers, calling to demand your money or information. But imposters are running scams by mail too. They’re sending fake forms and letters from made-up agencies to small business owners and demanding payment ASAP. 

The fake government letters have agency names that include words like United States, business regulation, and trademark to make them seem legitimate. The letters lie to you, saying it’s time to register or renew a business license or trademark, sending you to a website that asks for your license, Social Security, EIN, and credit card numbers. Usually, the letters warn about fines if you don’t respond fast. If you get a letter that looks like it’s from the government and demands money or information, stop. It could be a scam.

For more information and directions for what to do if you receive a suspicious email, please visit the FTC here