Enforcement Orders Archive - U

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, U.

UMS, LLC (d/b/a Unique Mortgage Solutions and d/b/a 1st Mortgage Solutions), and Alexander Ramirez, 08-239

United Consumer Financial Services, Inc. (d/b/a EZPaydayCash.com), 13-253

United Holdings Group, LLC, 13-031

United Mortgage Brokerage Inc, and Andrew Datlo, 08-095

United Mortgage Company, 07-169

Universal Mortgage Corporation, Ronald A. Huiras, Paul M. Buege, Dennis J. Creegan, John B. Fleming, and Craig N. Ahles, 11-059

Universal Mortgage Group, LLC, 07-025

Universal Mortgage Group, LLC (d/b/a Ballard Financial) and Christopher M. Ballard, 09-061

Unlimited Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Donna J. Doherty), Andrew F. Armata, and Stacey Alcorn, 08-191

Up Front Money (d/b/a upfrontmoney.com and d/b/a for Financial Processing, LLC), Warren Williams, Kim Brown, and Phillip Saunders, 10-511

Upper Valley Commercial Corporation, David Patten, Alvin Fadden, 13-BD-001

Upper Valley Mortgage LLC, Benjamin Hunter Lindberg, Justin Craig Bitler, Estate of Lawrence Gene Stern, M.D., 10-464

Upstart Network, Inc., 16-034

U.S. Equity Advantage Holdings, Inc. (f/k/a U.S. Equity Advantage Holdings, LLC, which is formally known as U.S. Equity Advantage, LLC), and U.S. Equity Advantage, Inc., 16-054

U.S. Funding Inc. (d/b/a U.S.F.I. Lending Group), and Jay Park, 09-002

U.S. Mortgage Funding Incorporated (a/k/a Debt Remedy Consultants Incorporated), David Mahler, Jonathan Incandela, and Jamen Lachs, 10-193

UST Mortgage Company (d/b/a UST Mortgage Company Inc), and Donald A. Bressoud, 09-019