Enforcement Orders Archive - R

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, R.

Rachel E. Nicholson v. Countrywide Home Loans Inc, et al., 09-133

Realistic Financial LLC, Paul Koroma, 07-188

Redbrick Financial Inc and Peter Scalise, 07-182

Redwood Financial Partners, LLC, and Dennis A. Dickinson, 09-039

Referral Mortgage, Inc. (d/b/a RMI Mortgage), and George Francis Russell, 07-129

Re-Financial Servicing, Inc. (a/k/a re-financial.com and re-financial.org), Sean G. Devries, John Devries and Christopher Maguire, 10-185

Reliable Mortgage Inc, and Herbert J. Devine, Jr., 09-013

Relief Law Center, Inc., a California Professional Corporation (d/b/a Relief Law Center, and a/k/a and d/b/a USA Loan Auditors), Matthew Michael McCormick, Edward Johnson, and Ben Carter, 11-136

Rescue Our Mortgage (fictitious name for FGS Investments Inc [a/k/a F.G.S. Investments, Inc.), and Stanton Fowler (a/k/a Stan Fowler), 11-009

Residential Home Funding Corp., David P. Stein, Julio Salazar, Roberto Lupi, Thomas Mariano, Zachary Sanford, and James Jackson, 10-182

Residential Mortgage Fund, Inc. (d/b/a RMF Mortgage Fund of California), Scott Keegan, Michael J. Knieberg, and Jeff F. Sipos, 08-320

Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. and James R. Seeley, 10-063

Ride Today Acceptance LLC, 15-237

Rigley Group, The, a/k/a Loan Reduction Hero, TriMark Financial Solutions, and G. Darrell Rigley, 12-360 & 12-439

Robert A. Young, Jr. d/b/a First Connecticut Mortgage, 10-484

Robert H. Scatamacchia, 07-160

RockLoans Marketplace LLC d/b/a RocketLoans, 17-071

Rose Mortgage, Inc., and Laura M. Micelli, 08-106

Rosen & Winig, P.A., f/k/a Eric A. Rosen, P.A., and Eric A. Rosen, Esq. (See also Docket 07-317, Morgan Drexen, Inc., et al), 13-015

Royal Capital Funding LLC, and John J. McMahon, 07-215

Rt 3 Auto Sales of Merrimack, 07-016