Enforcement Orders Archive - Numeric

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, Numeric.

1 Global Financial, Inc., and Michael C. Chambers, 10-230

1st 2nd Mortgage Company of N.J., Inc., 14-254

1st Money Center, Inc. and Michael Brent Turner, President and CEO of 1st Money Center, Inc., 14-171

1st Palm Financial Services LLC, 1st Palm Financial, Inc., Ann R. Mackey, and Eric W. Reckard, 08-317

1stMORTGAGEMADE4YOU.COM, and Dieuw Thonet, 08-124

2Amoskeag5 Realty LLC, 2Masie5 Realty I LLC, Walter Bressler III, Sadie Stanhope, Michael T. Prieto, 06-263

7 Day Loans (d/b/a 7dayloans.com), 11-210

5K Mortgage Corporation, and Anthony Andersen, 09-018

21st Century Legal Services, Inc., 10-135

21st Mortgage Corporation, 09-142

123 Fix My Loan, LLC (d/b/a www.123fixmyloan.com and d/b/a www.123fml.com), Mark D. Parker, Keith D. Callahan, and Marc Richard Castrechini, 10-003

328 Milton Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-0926, 08-BD-006

500 Fast Cash (d/b/a www.500fastcash.com), and MTE Financial Services, Inc. (a/k/a Red Cedar Services, Inc.), 10-041