Enforcement Orders Archive - M

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, M.

MAC Group, and Marco A. Chaidez, The, 10-089

Madison First Financial Inc. and Timothy Clark, 08-049

Magnum Cash Advance (d/b/a International Cash Advance, d/b/a magnumcashadvance.com, d/b/a internationaladvance.com, d/b/a Magnum Funding, d/b/a Military Financial Network and d/b/a Call Center Services, Inc.), DOES INDIVIDUALS 1-100, and DOES ENTITIES 1-100, 08-228

Maine Capital Mortgage LLC, and Shawn P. Lyden, 08-121

Maine Mortgage Group, Christopher M. Castaldo, and Shawn Boulet, 08-324

MAK Investments, LLC, Brian Colsia, Gabe Cohen and Laura Cohen, 06-087

Managed Investments Inc (d/b/a Tani and Associates), and Kip Tani, 06-127

Manhattan Financial Services, Inc., 07-028

Marc Baldinger Financial Counselor, LLC d/b/a Zeus Mortgage Company; and Marc Baldinger, 08-417

Mark Daniel LePage (d/b/a LePages Auto Wholesale), 10-465

Mark Palmer, 15-223

Markson Group LLC (d/b/a Family Mortgage Advisors and www.familymortgageadvisors.com a/k/a Family Financial Consultants), and Mark E. Gaddis, 11-020

Martin and Sheehan PDAL, Inc., 08-089

Martin W. Day, Sr., 07-030

Martin W. Day, Sr (d/b/a American East Mortgage Services), and Martin W. Day, Sr., 08-283

Mass Lending LLC and Elizabeth Reed, 07-185

Maxwell's Mortgage Inc, and Jean Gesualdi, 08-393

McCarran, Sheila Margaret (d/b/a Macwac Mortgage), and Sheila Margaret McCarran, 09-101

McCurdy, David E. (d/b/a Machine Tech Service Associates and d/b/a Machine Tech Service), 13-074

McLaughlin Financial Inc, and Michael A. McLaughlin, 09-099

Meridian Law Group, LLC (d/b/a themlglaw.com and d/b/a themeridianlawgroup.com), and Eric A. Mader, Esquire, 11-208

Merit Financial, Inc., 07-050

Metavante Payment Services, LLC, 16-067

MG Financial Corporation (d/b/a CFG Refi), and Gail L. Luciano, 07-127

MHCI Inc., 07-157

Michael A. Albert (d/b/a Mike's Affordable Auto), 08-065

Michael D. Febonio (formerly d/b/a Michael's Car Store Annex and a/k/a www.michaelscarstoreannex.net) (now known as Stellar Motor Group and a/k/a stellarmg.com), 13-398 (amending 06-128)

Michael's Auto Sales of Derry LLC, 16-151

Michaud Motors, LLC, North Shore Auto, LLC, Kevin P. Michaud, as a manager of Michaud Motors, LLC, Jeffrey J. Chizmas, as a manager of Michaud Motors, LLC, 12-468

Mid-Atlantic Finance, Co., Inc. d/b/a MidAtlantic Finance Company and d/b/a Mid Atlantic Finance Company (a/k/a midfinance.com), 17-036

Midstate Auto Sales & Service LLC, Jean L. Harvey, and Ronald D. Bryson, 10-300

Miller, Randy d/b/a Onyx Preowned, Licensee and Randy Dean Miller, Owner, 15-186

MJ Imports, and Majid Mardanbeigy 10-044

Modification Group, LLC, The, and Robert Walker, 11-018

Modify Guy.com (d/b/a themodifyguy.com), The, Mark William Cote, Law Offices of Matthew T. Desrochers, P.C., and Matthew Thomas Desrochers, Esquire, 10-189

Monetary Funding Group of Connecticut, LLC, 07-031

Money in a Day, LLC, 16-043

Money-Wise Solutions LLC, and James E. Crickenberger, 08-203

Moneygram International, 07-009

MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., 15-270

Montgomery Mortgage Capital Corporation, Alex E. Gemici, and Paul F. Loiacono, 08-116

Moreland Lending Corporation, and Stephen T. Moreland, III, 08-253

Morgan Drexen, Inc. (d/b/a Morgan Drexen Group, d/b/a Morgan Drexen, d/b/a www.morgandrexen.com /a and d/b/a Morgan Drexen Integrated Legal Systems), Walter Ledda, David Walker, Rita Augusta, Stephen E. Nagin, Law Offices of Eric A. Rosen, P.A. (d/b/a Rosen & Winig, P.A.) and Eric A. Rosen, Esquire (See also Docket 13-015, Rosen & Winig, P.A., et al), 07-317

Mortgage and Insurance Advertising, LLC, (d/b/a Mortgage & Insurance Advertising Service LLC), Program Headquarters, Mail Time Inc.(d/b/a Mailtime, Inc.), Julian Phillips, Callan & Palmer, LLP (d/b/a Callan & Palmer Financial Advisors, LLC), and David J. Callan, 09-BD-002

Mortgage Assistance Group (a/k/a Mortgage Relief Group, LLC and d/b/a www.mortgageassistancegroup-az.com), and Stan Nii-Addo Allotey, 11-205

Mortgage Authority LLC,, The, and Gustavo Martin Reyes, 09-141

Mortgage Debt Services, LLC (d/b/a Mortgage Debt Services), Blaise J. Coco, and Linda P. Early, 10-353

Mortgage Dreams, LLC, Christopher Tremblay, and Julie-Ann Tremblay, 08-126

Mortgage Guys L.L.C., The, (d/b/a Jay The Mortgage Man), Donna Portinari, and Joseph Portinari, 09-122

Mortgage Horizons LLC, and Anthony R. Verduchi, Jr., 08-104

Mortgage Lender's Network USA, Inc., Mitchell Heffernon, James E. Pedrick, 07-008

Mortgage Master, Inc., Calm Associates Trust, Leif Thomsen, Ann C. Thomsen, Patricia Raymo, and Paul G. Anastos (Also see Brian Brisebois and Kevin Gillis, Docket 10-399), 10-399

Mortgage Mitigation Law Group, PLC (a/k/a The Mortgage Mitigation Law Group, APC), Patrick Drury, Derrick Penney, Vicki Buck, The Drury Law Group (a/k/a Law Offices of Patrick G. Drury & Associates), and Phillip Sanders, 11-061

Mortgage Mitigators (a division of and d/b/a Envisage Enterprises Corp. [a/k/a Envisage Enterprises Inc.] a/k/a www.mortgage mitgators.net, and an affiliate of Sanford Consulting Services and Financial Solution Advisors, LLC Mortgage Modification & Debt Settlement), Kyle Vanderheiden, Josh Malesa, Tracie Malesa, and Andrew Cappello, 10-009

Mortgage Modifiers, LLC (a division of Residential Financial Group), and Vaughn Rice, 10-203

Mortgage Partners of New England, LLC (d/b/a MPOFNE), and Garrett Lee Ryan, 09-120

Mortgage Pros Inc (d/b/a Mortgage Pros USA), and Dale J. Dejoy, 08-112

Mortgage Protection Associates, 08-BD-002

Mortgage Protection Division, GK & Associates Financial Services (d/b/a GK & Associates, Inc, d/b/a Gary Kroll & Associates, Inc.), LeadCo, LLC (d/b/a Leadco, d/b/a LeadcoLeads), Gambler Tours & Charters (d/b/a The Gambler), Gary M. Kroll, and Dan Goff, 11-BD-001

Mortgage Resource Professionals Inc (d/b/a Mortgage Resource Professionals of New England), Lynn Claire Gaulin, and Michael D. Gaulin, 09-096

Mortgage Resource Professionals Inc, Lynn C. Gaulin and Michael D. Gaulin, 08-021

Mortgage Resource Solutions, LLC and James Khoury, 10-163

Mortgage Results Corporation and Craig A. Good, 07-314

Mortgage Solutions by Raffle, Inc., and Eric Raffle, 09-037

Mortgage Specialists, Inc., The, and Michael Gill, Individually and as President of The Mortgage Specialists, Inc., 15-163,

Mortgage Specialists, Inc., The, and Michael Gill, 13-109

Mortgage Specialists, Inc., The, Michael Gill, Lisa Tracy, Jean Duerr, and David Caillouette, 08-223

Mortgage Trust Group Inc (d/b/a McDonald Mortgage Company), and Josephine A. McDonald (a/k/a Jo McDonald), 09-095

Mortgage Unlimited Corporation, Carl E. Mata, and Charles Addison Rheinhardt, 09-052

Mortgages Unlimited Corporation, 08-020

Mortgages Unlimited Corporation, 07-093

MortgageAll Express LLC and Robert McAvoy, 07-191

Mortgagesmith, LLC, and Brandon H. Smith, 09-006

Muffler House, LLC, The, 13-308

Mycashnow.com, Carey Brown, Credit Payment Services, Inc., DOES INDIVIDUALS 1-100, and DOES ENTITIES 1-100, 08-354