Enforcement Orders Archive - L

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, L.

Labrie Auto Sales Inc, and Michael S. Coyne, 08-199

Lancaster Auto Sales LLC, and Daniel C. Fournier, 14-058

Lancaster Auto Sales, LLC, 10-075

Lancaster Mortgage Bankers LLC, 07-117

Larry Monroe (d/b/a TMT Auto Sales and Services), 12-279

Laser Financial Group LLC and Stephen Currington, 07-189

Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A. d/b/a Short Sale Innovations, 16-225

Law Office of Robert V. Rosenwasser, PA, 10-094

Law Offices of Thomas W. Dvorack, P.A. and Thomas W. Dvorack, Esq., The, 10-101

Lead Association Corp. d/b/a Neighborhood Loan, 07-006

LeadPoint, Inc. d/b/a Secure Rights and d/b/a Amerivalue, Redpoint Ventures II, LP, Breakwater Ventures, Inc., Estalea LP, Marc Louis Diana, and Per Pettersen, 08-026

Leadz.co LLC (d/b/a OctoLoan.com and d/b/a www.octoloan.com), 13-076

Legal Eagle Financial, Inc. (a/k/a Wall Street Mortgage Group, d/b/a Legal Eagle Financial, and d/b/a Legal Eagle Services), and Alton Harding, 10-211

Legal Home Loan Solutions (a/k/a Thomas C. Matevia, P.A., a/k/a Matevia Law Group, P.A., a/k/a Matevia Legal, P.A., and a/k/a Matevia Law The Law Offices of Thomas C. Matevia, P.A. [d/b/a matevialaw.com]), Thomas C. Matevia, Esquire, and Jeffrey A. Smith, 10-090

Lender411, LLC (d/b/a Lender411.com), 12-414

Lendia, LLC, Gregory G. O'Connor, and Garry F. Bates, 09-029

Lending Club Corporation, 16-013

Lending Connection Inc, Duane N. Wellhoefer, Johnny Bowen, and Jon Heidt, The, 08-108

Lenox Financial Mortgage LLC, Brian S. Shibley, and Jon M. Shibley, 10-329

Lenox Financial Mortgage LLC, Brian S. Shibley, and Jon M. Shibley, 10-492

Lentegra Mortgage Group, LLC (d/b/a Lentegra Mortgage), Lentegra Corporation, William S. Lane, and Joseph D. Germano, 09-038

Lewis Motor Sales LLC, 12-314

LHF Inc (d/b/a Pelham Auto Finance) and James Kemos, 09-132

Liberty Financial Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a LF Mortgage of Massachusetts), and Michael Upton, 08-114

Lifetime Home Loans, Inc., Daniel Steven Flamand, and Robert Leonard McKee, 08-377

Lighthouse Funding, LLC (d/b/a LH Funding), and Mariya Zaurova, 07-153

Lighthouse Lending Group, Inc., and Nicholas C. Rauseo, 08-103

Lighthouse Mortgage Company Ltd., 06-118

Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co, Inc., 07-052

Lighthouse Mortgage Service Co Inc. and Andrew Horowitz, 07-267

LightStar Mortgage LLC, and Basilo Colon, 08-118

Lightning Financial LLC, 07-166

Lightning Financial, LLC (d/b/a Lightning Financial), Stephen K. Brunelle, and Ellen Brunelle, 08-364

Little Loan Shoppe America, LLC d/b/a littleloanshoppe.com and Doris Nelson, 09-192

Littleton Imports LLC, 10-076

LoanHero, Inc., 17-123

LoanMediate, 10-106

Loan Modification Network Inc. (a/k/a modifymortgagehelp.com), Frank Anthony Luceri III, Esq. (a/k/a Frank A. Luceri P.A.), and Anthony Fareri, 10-202

Loan Shop Online; and all Officers, Directors, Employees and Agents, 10-078

Loan Workout Group, L.L.C., and Thomas Girard, 10-277

Loancity, Inc., Banc of America Strategic Investments Corporation, Richard D. Soukoulis, Nicholas Labao, William Dallas, Gary Tsuyuki, Rodger Rickard, and Mark MacLennan, 07-219

Loans for Residential Homes Mortgage Corp, and Karim Menebhi, 08-063

London Star Financial Network Inc, and William A. Wallace, III, 08-069

Low Rate Mortgage L.L.C., and Eric Meyer, 09-028

Low.com, Inc., Oversee.net, Inc., Fred W. Hsu, Sam Aidun, and Lawrence C. Ng, 07-155

Lyons Enterprises Inc., 07-156