Enforcement Orders Archive - J

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, J.

J.J. Best & Company (d/b/a J.J. Best & Company Corp. and d/b/a J.J. Best Banc & Co.), 15-192

James S. Kudalis, 13-413

Jeannette Auto Sales LLC (d/b/a Charlie's Auto Village), 15-180

Jeffrey A. Smith Law Group, P.A. (d/b/a jawlawgroup.com, d/b/a attorney-jeffrey-a-smith-esq.com and d/b/a Friedman Law Associates, P.C.), and Jeffrey Anak Smith, Esquire, 14-022

Jeffrey Shawn Frost, 10-013

JHass Group L.L.C., Jeremy Ryan Hass, Jason David Hass, Jeffrey Michael Hass, 13-132

JHass Group L.L.C. (d/b/a JDH Associates, LLC), Jason David Hass, Jeffrey Michael Hass, and Jeremy Ryan Hass, 08-288

Joro Resources LLC (d/b/a Idealgelt.com and d/b/a Loren R. Cook & Associates, Ltd., LLP), 13-255

Joseph A. Gembala, III & Associates, and Joseph A. Gembala, III, Esquire, 10-270

Joseph Bates (d/b/a Joe Bates' Citco, d/b/a Bates/Gendron Used Cars, d/b/a Joe's Texaco, d/b/a Joe Citgo), 09-112

Joseph Harlow Bates (d/b/a Joe Bates' Citgo)

Joseph William Patrick Clancey, Discount Mortgage Warehouse Inc (d/b/a Globelend Mortgage), and Oleg Lusher, 10-001