Enforcement Orders Archive - G

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, G.

Gateway Mortgage Modifications, LLC and Richard R. Reichert, 10-148

Genisys Financial Corp, and Lawrence A. MacDonald, 06-094

Geoff Gray Corporation, Ana Paula Horta, and Sergio Rebelo Horta, 10-021

GHS Solutions, LLC (d/b/a GHS Debt Solutions and d/b/a www.ghsdebtsolutions.com), 09-139

Gibraltar Funding Corp. (d/b/a IBB Funding), and Anthony Miller, 08-128

Global Client Solutions, LLC, 11-178

Global Financial Resources, LLC (d/b/a Infinite Global Financial Resources), and Charles J. Foti, 07-168

Global Group Holdings, LLC a/k/a Midland Financial, LLC, 11-019

Global Home Loans & Finance Inc., 07-125

Globe Life Insurance Company (d/b/a Globe Life, d/b/a Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company, d/b/a Globe Life Center, and d/b/a Home Mortgage Group), 08-BD-009

GMA (General Modification Affiliates) (d/b/a GMA Financial Group, d/b/a GMA Mortgage, Inc., d/b/a GMA Modification, Corp., and a/k/a www.gmamodification.com), Avi P. Shenkar, Marat Tsirelson, and Igo Shrayev, 10-016

GNA Mortgage Group Inc, and Glenn E. Garafano, 08-122

Government Employees Credit Center, Inc. d/b/a GECC, d/b/a Cash Direct Express, and d/b/a cashdirectexpress.com), Vincent Keith Ney, and Brian Watt, 10-066

Granger Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a LowRatesToYou.com), William W. Granger, and Philip M. Smoak, 08-159

Great Rate Mortgage Inc, Cheryl Saladino, Tony Saladino III and Gary Delally, 07-176

Greenfield Financial Group Inc, Daniel Rosenfield and Paul Greenblatt, 07-183

Guardian Capital (a/k/a Guardian Enterprises, Inc. and d/b/a www.gcloan.com), Ali Kalantari Darian, Kalani Law Firm, a Law Corporation, and Mohammad Kalani, 10-083

Gulfstream Financial Corp and Amnon Schweitzer, 07-186