Enforcement Orders Archive - F

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, F.

Fairfield Financial Mortgage Group Inc (d/b/a FFMGI Mortgage Group), Charles L. Levesque, Lisa A. Levesque, and Randy Hurinker, 09-030

Fairfield Mortgage LLC, 07-124

Fairfield Mortgage LLC, Earl J. Cheney and David Paolini, 07-053

Family Certified Auto Plus, LLC, Gordan Savic, and Eduard Fandunyan, 15-263

Family Direct Insurance Services, Inc. (d/b/a www.mortgageprotection.com), 08-BD-005

Family Financial Education Foundation, William Richards Cluny, and Craig B. Welling, 09-054

Family Protection Center (a/k/a Mortgage Protection Center), 08-BD-003

FCI Lender Services, Inc., 11-150

Federal Loan Modification Law Center, LLP, Nabile John Anz, and Jeffrey Broughton, 10-145

Federal Loan Restructuring, LLC d/b/a American Loan Restructuring, 10-355

Federated Home Mortgage Inc, 05-055

Fidelity Home Mortgage Corp., 07-109

Financial Choice Mortgage LLC and Jean-Pierre Puchulu, 07-184

Financial Freedom of America, Inc. (now known as Financial Freedom Processing, Inc.) and Corey Butcher, 10-149

Financial Help Services, Inc. (d/b/a www.myfhs.org), 13-347

Financial Independence and Resource Education, Inc. (a/k/a F.I.R.E. and a/k/a www.fire-inc.net), Kristen Nuss, and Garry Smith, 10-112

Financial Resources Mortgage, Inc. (f/k/a Financial Resources & Assistance of The Lakes Region, Inc. and f/k/a Financial Resources National, Inc.), and Scott D. Farah, 09-127

First American Mortgage Corp., 07-164

First American Mortgage Trust (d/b/a NxtLoan.com), Shifra Nachama Polack, and Barry S. Polack, 09-060

First Call Mortgage Company, Inc., Kathleen L. Donovan, Carl D. McFadden, George Vanderheiden, Peter S. Lynch and Carolyn A. Lynch as Joint Tenants, James Arthur Lesmerises, David Allen Kesler, Dennis Wright, 08-378

First Choice Debt Resolution, LLC (a/k/a www.1DebtRes.com), and William Partlan, 13-148

First Choice Financial Group, Inc (d/b/a FCF Financial), Christopher J. Reale, Ernest S. Persechino, 09-036

First Consumer Credit Inc, and James D. Borschow, 06-221

First Continental Mortgage & Investment Corp., 07-024

First Equity Financial Corporation, and David L. Stevens, 09-016

First Financial Equities Inc (d/b/a Sadek Equities), FFEI Holdings, Inc., David Sadek, Elly Krieger, and Glenn Bromley, 07-296

First Guarantee Mortgage, LLC, 07-019

First Guarantee Mortgage LLC (d/b/a Saratoga First Guarantee Funding), and Christopher Carter Lang, 09-027

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation d/b/a FGMC, d/b/a fgmc.com, and d/b/a goodmortgage.com, 18-102

First Magnus Financial Corporation, 07-041

First Magnus Financial Corporation, Gurpreet Jaggi, Thomas W. Sullivan, Sr. and, Thomas W. Sullivan, Jr., 07-234

First Mortgage of America, Inc., 07-092

First National Lending Corporation (d/b/a AdvanceEquity), and Scott C. Assali, 08-277

First Option Mortgage Corp, Christopher L. Germano and Mark Belmain, 09-081

First Potomac Mortgage Corporation, 07-145

First Source Financial USA (d/b/a Express First Source USA), and Joseph Nunzio Giuliano, 07-225

First West Coast Financial Services a/k/a Atlas Money (d/b/a atlasmoneyonline.com, atlasmoneyonline.net and atlasmoneyonline.ca), 11-203

Firststar Home Equity, LLC (d/b/a FSHE OF INDIANA), and Richard J. Hocker, 08-061

FJG Financial Inc (d/b/a Gate City Mortgage), and Francisco J. Ginja, 09-008

Flagship Credit Acceptance LLC, 17-245

Flash Loans d/b/a Flashloans.com, 11-207

FlexPoint Funding Corporation (d/b/a FlexPoint Mortgage Funding), and Ryan R. Knott, 08-098

Florida Mortgage Network of Collier County, Inc, and Joseph F. Mulligan, 09-056

FNT Corp. (d/b/a EPS Funding), and William P. Shaughnessy, 08-331

Foremost Mortgage Associates Inc, and Michael N. Keselica, 08-109

Fortes Financial, Inc., Vision Global Solutions, Inc., Peter J. Levasseur, Michael H. McTeigue, Laird Q. Cagan, and Janice M. Ibey, 08-385

Foundation Mortgage Corporation, Keith Shaughnessy, and Jeffrey Garibolto, 09-020

Francis Colburn, 08-059

Frank Coffey, 06-184

Frank Coffey (a/k/a Frank Coffey, Inc, and d/b/a Frank Coffey Auto & Truck Sales [a/k/a frankcoffeyauto.com]), 09-206

Frankie Damiano (d/b/a A Better Choice Mortgage Company), and Frankie Damiano, 08-111

Franklin Mutual Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a FM Mortgage Funding), and Giancarlo Maniaci, 09-035

Frederick Law Group, LLC, Brennan, Smith & Associates, Credit Counselors of America and Richard A. Brennan, 08-179

Freedom Debt Relief, LLC, 10-535

Freedom Financial Management (d/b/a Freedom Fidelity Management, Inc. a/k/a Alliance 8), 10-086

Freedom Funding Group, Inc., 07-146

Freedom Mortgage Solutions, LLC, and Curt Caulkins, 09-031

Fresh Start Mortgage Assistance, LLC a/k/a MAS Foreclosure Program; Fresh Start Mortgage, LLC; and Fresh Start Mortgage, LLC; and Fresh Start American Mortgage Services, LLC; all Officers, Directors, Employees and Agents & Michael Thomas Stoller, Esq., 08-292

Full Circle Mortgage, LLC, Timothy Miller, and Marianne Teixeira, 07-270