Enforcement Orders Archive - E

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, E.

e Payday Loan (a/k/a e-payday-loan.com), 10-080

Eastern Atlantic Mortgage Company Inc, and Joseph McSharry, 08-282

Eastern Mountain Mortgage Company, and Norman J. Frates, Jr., 08-392

East Side Lenders, LLC, 10-116, 10-507, 11-031, 11-223 & 12-406

Economic Advantages Corporation, 11-254

Ed Walter's NHCars.net, LLC and Edward J. Walter, 14-173

Edgeworth Mortgage, LLC, and James N. Riccardi, 08-078

Educator Group Plans, Insurance Services, Inc., et al, 09-BD-001

EFA Processing, L.P (d/b/a EFA Processing), Eckity First Associates, Inc., and Kenneth L. Talbert, 11-265

Efficient Lending Corp. (d/b/a Efficient Lending), Robert Clark Crenshaw, Daniel J. Crenshaw, and Cherise Marie MacPherson, 09-103

EFI Capital Corp (d/b/a Elegant Funding), and Kenneth Mohan, 08-330

eHomeCredit Corp (d/b/a FHB Funding and d/b/a Fundamental Home Borrowing), Michael J. Bode, and Philip E. Zegarelli, 08-328

EJC Coastal Mortgage Group LLC, Earl J. Cheney, 07-044

Elite Financial Group, Inc. (d/b/a Elite Financial Group of Massachusetts), and David M. Romanoff, 09-087

Elliot A. Willard d/b/a Family Mortgage Company, Elliot A. Willard and Gilbert W. Cox, 07-283

Elliot A. Willard (d/b/a Family Mortgage Company), Elliot A. Willard, and Gilbert W. Cox, 08-384

Emax Financial Group, Mitchell Heffernon, James E. Pedrick, 07-037

Emerson & Douglas Associates, LLC (d/b/a www.emersonanddouglas.com), 14-318

Empire Equity Group, Inc. (d/b/a 1st Metropolitan of NY), Corporate Office Management Providers, Inc., Daniel Howard Jacobs, Joshua Israel Lieber, Ezra S. Beyman, William Dean Warren, and Christopher Derek Max, 08-381

Envios R.D. Corp., 07-067

EOS Financial Group LLC, Chadi Mekhael, and Wayne Feugill, 12-283

Epic Mortgage Company Inc, and Bernard Twomey, 08-326

Equihome Mortgage, Corp., and Ray V. Caprio, 08-125

Equistar Financial Corporation, and William Christophe Losch, 06-136

Equity Advantage, LLC, and Terrence Turanick, 08-258

Equity Concepts, Inc., David Sisti, and Jorge Fernandes, 08-037

Equity Concepts, Inc., David Sisti, and Jorge Fernandes, 08-269

Express Consolidation, Inc., Randall L. Leshin, P.A. (d/b/a RLL), Randall L. Leshin, Esq., Linda Lewis, Richard Medlock, and Joseph Morovitz, 08-211

Express Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Marstan Mortgage), and Mark P. Stanton, 09-055