Enforcement Orders Archive - D

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, D.

Dana Capital Group, Inc., Dana H. Smith, and Amanda Smith, 07-069

David A. Maloof and Franklin Savings Bank, 08-BD-001

David J. Albert (d/b/a Priceline Auto 1, Priceline Auto Sales & Service, PriceLine Auto Sales – 2, and Priceline 3 Auto Sales & Service), Now Known as Price Automotive Service & Sales, 08-184

Deborah Siegel (d/b/a Westchester Mortgage), and Deborah Siegel, 09-021

Debt Reduction Services, Inc., 18-146

Debt Relief USA, Inc., Alvin B. Bell, Kelly Reilly, and James F. Wojcik, 08-361

Debt Settlement America Inc., 07-316

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc., 09-191

Decision Mortgage Company, Inc (d/b/a Decision Capital Company of New England), and Kurt Devries, 09-125

DeepGreen Financial Inc., 07-204

Default Federal Student Loan Help, LLC, 10-012

Deocap Corporation, Neill J. Sullivan, and William A. Raney, 08-107

Diener Law Office (d/b/a Home Relief Services, LLC d/b/a US Loan Mod Processing d/b/a HRS Communications d/b/a The Diener Law Firm d/b/a Diener Law Group), and Christopher Diener, Esq., 09-152

Direct Lending Inc (d/b/a Direct Branch), and Guste Shukeireh, 08-200

Directors Mortgage Inc. (d/b/a USA Direct Funding), and Mark J. Hanna, 08-040,

Discount Mortgage Relief (d/b/a Mortgage Relief, LLC and INQB8, LLC), John Common, Libby Muelhaupt, and Bruce Spurlock, 10-313

Diversified Real Estate Consultants, LLC (a/k/a www.drecwholesale.com and a/k/a www.diversifiedrec.com), Daniel DePasquale, and Michael Eugene Cline, 10-008

Dividend Funding Corp d/b/a Financial Dynamics and James Donovan, 07-193

DJR Group, LLC, 10-115

Downeast Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Homeowners Assistance Company and d/b/a Integrity One Home Loans), James Lindvall, Darren Briggs, James Skvorak, William Denley, and Julie Hibbard, 08-245

DSI-ITI, LLC (Connectnetwork.com), 14-280