Enforcement Orders Archive - C.

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, C

C L and M, Inc. (a/k/a Commercial Project Loan Servicing), and Donald E. Dodge, 09-128

C.U. Mortgage Services Inc. d/b/a C.U. Mortgage Services (CUMSI), 16-014

California Law Group, A Professional Corporation (d/b/a California Law Group, P.C., a/k/a Law Office of Adlore Clarambeau, Esquire, a/k/a Loan Processing Center, Inc., and a/k/a Mortgage Modification Center), and Adlore Virgil Clarambeau, Esquire, 10-188

Cambridge Mercantile Corp. (U.S.A.), 11-186

Campos Chartered Law Firm and Jeffrey Scott Campos, 08-062

Capital Access Residential, Inc., and Barry P. Winer, 14-204

Capital City Automotive, LLC, Paul J. Morandi, and Frank M. Fowle, 08-207

Capital Quest Financial Services, 07-068

Capitol Mortgage Company Inc (d/b/a CMCI), and Richard D. Northrop, 09-119

Car Store, Inc., The, 17-256

Career Bridge Inc d/b/a Career Bridge, 17-175

Carteret Mortgage Corporation, Eric Weinstein and Albert Elder, 07-132

Carteret Mortgage Corporation, Eric E. Weinstein, Albert L. Elder, Jessica Harrington, and Stephen Bianco, 08-379

Casa Blanca Mortgage, Inc., Michael J. Chung, Jiwon J. Chung, Steve Ko, and Peter S. Tomita, 07-214

Cash Advance USA (a/k/a and d/b/a for Liberty Capital Investments, LLC), and Robert E. Schwier, 08-226

Cash in A Wink Inc. (a/k/a CA$H in A WINK), 09-217

Cash Reserve, 06-016

Cash Supply (d/b/a FFD Resources I, LLC), FFD Ventures LP and First Fidelity of Delaware Inc., 10-155

Cash Web USA, 12-447

Cashforce USA Inc, Michael M. Melody, and Courtney L. Carey, 09-130

Cashforce USA Inc.

Cashforce USA Inc., Michael Melody, Daniel Melody, 07-034

CBSK Financial Group Inc (d/b/a CBSK Financial Group and d/b/a American Home Loans), Brent McElwee, Cyndi McElwee, 09-014

CBSK Financial Group Inc, Brent McElwee, Cyndi McElwee, Lori Pendray, Dorita Kay, and William Halapin, 07-273

CC Brown Law Offices (a/k/a CC Brown Law LLC and Law Offices of C.C. Brown), and Charles Craig Brown, Esq., 11-125

Central Mortgage Company (d/b/a Central Mortgage Company, Inc.), 11-217

Century Negotiations, Inc. (d/b/a CNI), 09-137

Cheryl Darlene Pecor (a/k/a Cheryl Darlene Forcier, a/k/a Cheryl Darlene Lewis, a/k/a Cheryl Darlene Vangeli and d/b/a Custom Lending Network, db/a customlendingnetwork.com, and d/b/a customlending.net), 10-196

Cirrus Mortgage, Timothy Dunn and John C. Anderson, Jr., 07-192

CIS Financial Services, Inc., 15-034

Citadel Mortgage Corporation, and David Geddes, 08-390

Civic Mortgage Group Inc, 08-053

Claremont Ford Lincoln, Inc., and Arrien L.C. Schiltkamp, individually and as President of Claremont Ford Lincoln, Inc., 15-076

Claremont Ford Lincoln, Inc., 11-057

Clear Image Financial Group, Inc., 1LGP Enterprises, Inc., MDS Enterprises, Inc., Jeffrey Stampfli, and Michael Schuh, 10-400

Clearlight Mortgage Corp., and John T. Michael, 08-136

Clearwater Mortgage Services Inc, and Janet Sutcliffe, 08-201

CMG Group, Inc. (d/b/a OSL Marketing), 08-432

Coast to Coast Mortgage and Funding LLC (d/b/a CTC Mortgage and Funding), and Peter V. Tedeschi, 08-260

Coastal Mortgage Group, Hajmil Carr, Eric Gundberg, 07-012

Coastal Mortgage Group (d/b/a Novaya Mortgage), Hajmil Carr, and Eric Gundberg, 07-334

Coastal States Mortgage Corporation (a/k/a coastalstates.com), and Patrick J. Mansell, 09-113,

College Lending Solutions of Salem NH LLC (d/b/a collegelendingsolutions.com and studentloanfixer.com), and Stephen James DeVito, 12-382

Comdata TN, Inc., 17-211

Commonwealth Foreign Exchange, Inc., 15-142

Compass Mortgage Incorporation (d/b/a Wayland Mortgage), Louise C. Corliss, and Robert A. Lawlor, 09-085

Competitive Lending Mortgage Company, LLC, and Tina M. Christy, 09-010

Complete Mortgage Company Inc, and Linda McGovern Cohen, 08-242

Constitution Financial Group Inc, Denise M. Leonard, and Jaclynn K. Sulfaro, 08-265

Consumer A and Consumer B and Countrywide Home Loans Inc, 09-053

Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling, Inc., 10-271

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta, Inc. d/b/a Credibility, 09-094

Consumer Debt Advocate Law Center, Inc., a Professional Corporation (a/k/a consumerdebtadvocate.net, a/k/a and d/b/a Consumer Debt Advocate, a/k/a and d/b/a CDA Law Center and a/k/a cdalawcenter.com, and d/b/a negotiateyourdebt.com), Robert G. Scurrah, Jr., Esq. and Law Offices of Robert G. Scurrah, 09-207

Consumer Debt Concepts, Inc. (d/b/a Payday Loan Conceptz), 12-352

Consumer Debt Council (d/b/a Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC, d/b/a Legal Helpers, P.C. and Macey Aleman Hyslip & Searns), Thomas George Macey, Jeffrey Aleman, Jeffrey Hyslip, and Jason Searns, 10-337

Consumer Disclosure Inc, and Stephen Snyder, 06-109

Consumer Recovery Network, Inc. (a/k/a CRN and d/b/a www.consumerrecoverynetwork.com), 11-239

Continental Prison Systems, Inc. (n/k/a General Payment Systems, Inc. and a/k/a EZ Card and Kiosk, LLC), 13-272

Corestar Financial Group LLC, 07-123

Cornelis A. Pangemanan (d/b/a Cornel Indotransfer), Cornelis A. Pangemanan, 10-022

Courier Mortgage, LLC, 07-095

Courier Mortgage, LLC, and Courie Gayle, 08-032

Courthouse Researcher Group (d/b/a Data Processing Center) and Domains by Proxy, Inc., 08-BD-004

Creative Solutions Software Corp. d/b/a myPay Solutions, 16-093

CreditAnswers, LLC (n/k/a Tegas Holdings, LLC and Debt Mediation Initiative), 10-476

Credit and Debt Management of America G.P., LLC (a/k/a Credit & Debt Management of America, GP, a/k/a Credit and Debt Management of America, LLC, d/b/a CDMA, d/b/a CADMOA, d/b/a Credit & Debt Management of America, and a/k/a www.cadmoa.com), Credit and Debt Management of America, L.P., Charles B. Stephenson (a/k/a "Chuck" Stephenson), and Jim Thomas, 10-077

Credit Karma, Inc., 17-044

Cross Country Lenders, LLC, James F. Dawes, and Geoffrey Chadwick, 08-391

Crossley Capital, LLC, and Douglas R. Crossley, 08-332

Crown Lending, Inc. (d/b/a crownlendinginc.com d/b/a Call Center Management Inc.[CCMI]), and Cassandra Tillmon (a/k/a Cassie Tillmon), 08-436

CSA – Credit Solutions of America, LLC (formerly CSA – Credit Solutions of America, Inc., d/b/a Credit Solutions, d/b/a Credit Solutions of America d/b/a creditsolutions.com, and f/k/a Lending.com), Doug Van Arsdale, and Matt Revitt, 08-210

Curo Banc, LLC, 07-023

Custom House (USA) Ltd., 09-143