Enforcement Orders Archive - B

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, B.

B D Nationwide Mortgage Company (d/b/a Home Equity Loans Direct), and Bryan Dornan, 08-127

Back Bay, Inc. (d/b/a Mortgage Approval Services A Division of Back Bay), John J. Mulligan, and Timothy J. Miller, 08-030

Baker Valley Motors, Inc., 12-285

Bankstreet Mortgage LLC, and George Scott MacGregor, 09-043

Bann-Cor Mortgage, Inc., 07-201

Barrington Capital Corporation, 07-011

BayBurg Financial, Inc. and Adam M. Bayer, President of BayBurg Financial Inc., 12-233 & 12-253

Bay Capital Corp, 07-091

Bay Mortgage Services Inc, and Peter J. Lucido, 08-388

Beech Financial Services, LLC, Julie R. Richards, and David A. Richards, 08-389

Beech Street Auto Wholesalers LLC, and Thomas V. Sanuth, 07-299

Bennett Mortgage & Investment Company Incorporated, and David J. Azanow, 07-328

Berkley Capital Corp., Jonathan Marc Globerman, and Joyce F. Rubin, 11-168

Best Interest Rate Mortgage Company, LLC, and Michael Diplacido, 10-117

Best Rate Funding Corp, and Wade Womack, 08-132

Bestratedirect.com, Inc., 07-089

Bill Pay Commerce LLC (d/b/a Mike's Bill Pay and d/b/a www.mybillpay.co), and Michael J. Trahan, 14-034

Bill.com, Inc. (a/k/a Bill.com and d/b/a BDC Payment Services), 15-071

Birt and Briggs Mortgage Consultants LLC, Charles J. Birt and Donna Briggs, 08-048

Blackhorse Mortgage Corporation, David McDaniel Horn, II, and Lawrence Scott Clark, 09-123

Blue Water Mortgage Corporation, 10-071

Boardwalk Mortgage Services, Inc., James M. Joly and David E. Hurley, 07-177

Boston Mortgage Consultants, LLC (d/b/a Snow Hill Financial), Thomas P. Cornell, and Richard E. Shelton, 08-138

Boston Mortgage Funding Corporation (d/b/a Concord Mortgage), and James Sardina, 09-118

Brian Brisebois and Kevin Gillis (Also see Mortgage Master, Inc., et al, Docket 10-399), 10-399

Bridge Capital Corporation, and Mike R. Ahmari, 08-340

Bridge Capital Corporation, Mike R. Ahmari, Andy Firoved, and Lorraine Ennico, 08-035

Brook Trout Mortgage Inc., Jonathan H. Beecher, Kristen M. Beecher, and David M. Geddes, 09-084

Brookfield Mortgage Company, 07-051

Brownstone Mortgage LLC, 07-322

Bryco Funding Inc.,Bryce C. Angell, and John G. Aitken, 08-322

BSM Financial, L.P. (d/b/a Brokersource, d/b/a BSM Financial, Limited Partnership, d/b/a Banksource Mortgage), KJ Financial, LLC, Palm Harbor Homes, Inc., Kurt W. Cummins, and Mark D. Todd, 08-077

Burgess, Justin M., 13-001

Butterfly Financial Group Inc., Colin Neal Hart, and William Neal Hart, 09-109

Buy Here Pay Here LLC, and Ryan Crete, 08-085