Enforcement Orders Archive - A

Archived Enforcement Orders by Company Name, A.

A & B Mortgage Corporation, and Jim Collins, 07-138

ABC Debt Relief, Ltd. Co., 09-136

ABC Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a ABC Financial), and John G. MacLeod, Jr., 08-100

Absolute Sales & Services, Inc., Janet L. Hutchinson, and Kevin Hutchinson, 15-065

Accent Capital Company, LLC, 07-032

Access Financial Modifications Inc. (a/k/a Access Financial Modifications), and Melissa A. Peters, 10-099

Accountable Mortgage.com, Inc., and Kevin Leon Martin, 07-254

Accredited Mortgage Corp, and Gary W. Field, 08-386

Accredited Mortgage Corp, Gary W Field, Marjorie A. Field, 08-039

Achieva Home Loans, Inc, 07-120

ACT Lending Corporation, 07-140

Action Mortgage Corp., and William A. Plante, 11-055

Acushield Financial (d/b/a AcuShield Financial, a/k/a Acu-Shield Financial, Inc., and a/k/a Acu Shield Financial), Emico, Inc., Best Debt Solution, Inc., Nicholas de Segonzac, Ron Fender, Kristie Medlen, and Sandy Barnes, 09-154

Advance America, Cash Advance Centers of New Hampshire, Inc.

Advance America, Cash Advance Centers of New Hampshire, inc.

Advanced Mortgage LLC d/b/a Assured Mortgage and Martien Eerhart, 07-178

Advantage Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a Advantage America), Eric J. Risley, and Rhonda M. Risley, 09-011

Advent Mortgage, LLC, Patrick James Curry, and Heather Shope, 09-062

Airan, Airan-Pace & Crosa, P.A. 09-155

AlertPay Inc (www.AlertPay.com), Corporate Wealth Management Inc (CWN INC) (d/b/a www.alertservicesinc.com), Firoz Patel, and Ferhan Patel, 07-303,

Aliso Pacific Company LLC, The, and Andre Stecki, 07-224

Allegro Funding Corp. (d/b/a AFC Mortgage Company), and Michael Vint, 12-389

Allied Capital Mortgage Company (d/b/a Allied Capital Mortgage Company of Baymeadows), Douglas E. Klezmer, Sean H. Belghazi, and Kristopher Michael Lyle, 08-370

Allstate Home Loans Inc., 07-141

Alpine Direct Services, LLC, Dan Koetting and Jairo Perez, 10-423

Alpine Financial Services, LLC, 07-090

Alpine Financial Services, LLC (d/b/a MortgageOpia), and Jason J. Cabana, 09-063

Alta Financial Corporation (d/b/a Alta Financial of New Hampshire), Exit Realty Corp., and Rick Krogh, 06-173

Alumni Mortgage LLC, and Michael Michaelis, 09-102

Alwayslending LLC and Michael J. Throneberry, 07-181

America Best Mortgage LLC, and Steven Vo, 08-073

America's Choice Mortgage Inc, James C. Young and Rose Y. Young, 07-272

American Advisors Group d/b/a American Advisors Group Inc. and d/b/a AAG, 17-171

American Debt Counseling, Inc., 10-534

American Foreclosure Specialists LLC (d/b/a AFSCANHELP.com), Kristian Hendel, and Michael Harris, 12-378

American Forensic Loan Auditors: (a/k/a AFLA: The Law Office of B. Diego Hellewell), and Benjamin Diego Hellewell, 10-153

American Heritage Mortgage Corp, and Thomas A. Lantry, 08-291

American Home Loans, 08-183

American Home Mortgage Corp, Michael J. Strauss, Stephen A. Hozie, Alan B. Horn and American Home Mortgage Holdings Inc., 07-216

American Home Relief Foundation, LLC, Law Office of Michael A. Perry and Michael A. Perry, Esquire, 10-130

American Lending Group, Inc. (d/b/a American Lending Group ‐ STL MO), and Warin S. Kumar, 08-158

American Money Centers, Inc. and Kenneth L. Cascella, 08-137

American Mortgage Express Corp (d/b/a American Residential Mortgage), Donald Haberle, Jack G. Mondel, and William JS Kelley, 08-336

American Mortgage Professionals Inc, Kenneth Terrill and Margaret Terrill, 07-121

American Residential Law Group, Inc. a/k/a Estevez & Jacobi Law Firm a/k/a Law Offices of Joel S. Jacobi, Oscar Estevez, and Joel S. Jacobi, 10-386, 10-388, 11-086

American Servicing and Recovery Group, LLC, ASRG Investment Partners LP, ASRG Partners, LLC, DeWit Talmage Ray III, Kenneth Murchison, Rick Justin O'Brien, William Stewart Buchanan, ASRG Investors, LLC, and Central Investments, LLC, 11-143

American Trust Mortgage, Inc., Paul J. Mignone as President of American Trust Mortgage, Inc., Stephanie R. Sullivan as a Minority Shareholder of American Trust Mortgage, Inc., and James Tracy as Director of Operations of American Trust Mortgage, Inc., 12-492

Americor Lending Group, 07-142

Americor Lending Group Inc, (d/b/a ALG Mortgage) and Jeremy Foti, 08-387

Ameridebt Relief Corp. (d/b/a Ameridebt Relief, Inc., a/k/a East Coast Fidelity Corp., Inc., a/k/a Fidelity Corporation, a/k/a The Financial Care Group, LLC and d/b/a www.ameridebt101.com), Ivan Franquiz, Jr., Jeffrey A. Torres, Howard Alvarez, Frederick Alvarez, and Estaban Ferrer, 10-109

Ameriloan (d/b/a Ace Cash Services, d/b/a United Cash Loans, d/b/a US Fast Cash and d/b/a Tribal Financial Services), 10-100

AMS Mortgage Corp, and Marietta R. Camara, 09-092

Apex Financial Group Inc., and Roy Williams, 06-090

ARC Financial, Inc., 06-084

Arc Financial, Inc., and Kathy Ives, 08-281

Arco Federal Mortgage, Inc., and Arnold Silva, 07-291

Arista Lending Solutions Inc, David G. Robison and Heather A. Stanley, 08-327

Arrow Mortgage Corporation (d/b/a AMC Lending), and Prescott E. Wright, 07-220

Arrowhead Mortgage, LLC and David L. Church, 07-271

Arrowhead Mortgage, LLC, and David L. Church, 08-339

Arrowhead Motors, LLC, Gregory P. Belisle, and Mark L. Limoges, both individually and as Owners of Arrowhead Motors, LLC, 14-061

Arvest Mortgage Company (d/b/a Arvest Mortgage Company, Inc.), 13-207

Assets Recovery Center, LLC (d/b/a Assets Recovery Center of Florida), Daniel Ferdinand Coosemans, and John R. Olsen, 10-184

Associated Foreign Exchange, Inc. (d/b/a AFEX), 15-200

Atlantic Loan Corp., 07-122

Atlantic Mortgage Corporation and Ronald P. Leclerc, 10-017

Auburn Mortgage Inc and John Wetmore, 07-180

Auto Exchange Inc (d/b/a Auto Exchange), and Donald F. Reis, and John Murphy, 09-126

Automart of New England Inc (d/b/a Automart of New England and d/b/a Automart of Plaistow), Jeffrey G. Legendre, and Daniel J. Nickerson, 09-026

Avant, Inc., 16-040

Avery Lacy, Inc. d/b/a Infiniti of Nashua, 16-012

AX Mortgage Corp. d/b/a Tower Home Loans, 17-259

Axford Enterprises, Inc. (d/b/a Medloanfinance.com, d/b/a Backloanfinance.com, d/b/a dentalloanfinance.com, and d/b/a funeralloanfinance.com), and James E. Axford, 12-301