For Immediate Release
Posted: July 09, 2024


Ian Clark, Public Information Officer
(603) 271-4865 |

New Hampshire Banking Department notice regarding Sigue Corporation

In March 2024, the New Hampshire Banking Department (the “Department”) announced that it entered into an Interim Consent Order with Sigue Corporation, a former money transmitter licensee of the Department, requiring Sigue to stop from engaging in further money transmission activity in New Hampshire as a result of Sigue’s declining financial position.

The consent order addressed the Department’s concerns regarding Sigue’s inability to satisfy all of its outstanding money transmission liabilities and Sigue’s failure to maintain adequate net worth as required by New Hampshire RSA 399-G:16.  As we announced previously, the state surety bond claim process is designed to help make impacted consumers whole.

Impacted New Hampshire residents who wish to pursue a claim against the surety bond in connection with outstanding money transmission liabilities that may be owed to them by Sigue should contact the Department’s Legal Division for information and assistance.  The Legal Division may be contacted by telephone at (603) 271-3561 or by email at